General Information
1. What is KorLuv.com?
KorLuv.com acts as an online bridge to connect Korean with people outside of Korea. If you’re looking for a Korean friend, girl, boy or lady, here’s the place for you. We have put tremendous efforts to make it the easiest and the best-localized casual site for casual relationship to satisfy both, people from all around the world as well as people in Korea. Help us grow and so will your dream!!
2. Are you sure this site is free or are you fooling me?
We’re aware that you can find several similar sites out there. But NONE of them are really free. You need to pay to read messages, pay to write messages, pay to add friends and so on. In the end, you have to pay something if you want to communicate with anyone on those sites otherwise it is impossible. So why advertise as free sites while they’re not really free? I wouldn’t be spending even a penny from my wallet if I could not do anything on that site unless I pay for it. Yes, the site needs money to maintain, but customers do need to do ‘something’ before they decide to pay it, but where is this ‘something’? On KorLuv.com everything is free, but to be completely honest, we do have premium service, but this does never mean you cannot do anything on the site. You can read, write, add friend, show interest and so on as long as you’re a member of our family. But you can also choose to have a better account if you want your wishes goal faster and have some privacy about your information. This may mean as donation or some tips for webmaster building this site and of course, nothing will recur.
Information on Profile (Profile)
1. How do I recover my password?
Don’t worry you can re-set your password. To do that, simply go to the very first page and find ‘Forgot Password’. The recovery system will send you an email including a link to confirm your new password.
2. Is it possible to change my account name?
Unfortunately, your account name cannot be changed. Therefore, we would like to ask you to choose a good account name.
3. I would like to edit my profile (Profile) and how do I do that?
After you have logged in, click on ‘Profile’ page. On the left you’ll find a text saying ‘About me’. Here, you can click ‘Edit’ and fill in some of additional information about yourself. Please, make sure you write about yourself that complies with the terms and conditions otherwise, your account can be blocked or deleted. It not only a good looking picture that matters! A good profile will look informative and attractive too. So that visitors will feel curious about you and perhaps they will send you a message first!!
4. Can I upload any pictures?
Naked pictures or any pictures that include very private parts of your body are not allowed even if the pictures show your face. You can upload pictures of yourself not animal solos or anything that is not related with your appearance. Simply, you can upload any picture which has yourself in the picture.
5. How do I upload my pictures and where can I find them?
To upload your picture(s), go to ‘Photo’ tab and here, you can upload one or more pictures at once. Your pictures will be reviewed by us and they’ll be up within 24 hours if they’re not wrong pictures.
6. Do I have to make my Main Picture?
Your main picture is a picture that represents about yourself. It will appear in the comment area, search results and message area. You can make the Main Picture by clicking ‘Change Main Picture’ in the ‘Profile’ page. But make sure this picture is a portrait picture of yours otherwise it can be deleted. (Your picture should be recognizable in the search results)
7. My pictures are gone! What happened?
If you upload inappropriate pictures, they will not be approved. If you persist on uploading wrong pictures, your account might get blocked or even deleted.
8. I would like to disable my profile for a while. Is it possible?
Go to the ‘Account’ tab where you can freely disable your account anytime you want. Your account will not be deleted, but just will appear as if your account is deleted. But make sure you enter your password before you make any changes.
9. How do I close my profile and account completely? (delete account)
You can shut-down your profile, account and membership on site site completely in the ‘Account’ tab (header menu) - Deactivate Account menu. Then You'll need to check the second box "Deactivate and delete account" and type in "Your password" and CONFIRM CHANGE.  But consider that you can always disable your account temporarily and come back any time you wish to. Once your account is deleted, your personal information including account name will be erased. When you decide to rejoin, you won’t be able to join with that account name.
Information on privacy
1. Where can I find the Privacy Policy?
There’s link at the bottom of this page or click here. 
*Please note that we’ll increase our security level to the max protecting your profile, picture and your privacy.
2. How does my information appear to others and how can I make it private?
Your message can never be seen by others. You and the recipient can only view the message. What others can see is the only comment area, but you can also set some options to privatize this comment area for free.
Ex) allowing to show comments that you approve only.
Other than that, you’re the only person to view your interest list, favorite list and memo area (a private area where you can write some memo about others right in their profiles)
3. Are my messages and other information stored permanently? Or do you delete them?
Your messages and information (interests, favorites and comments) will be stored permanently unless you delete them manually, you decide to leave us or we can no longer maintain this business.
Information on Customer Support
1. I think this user has some problems. What should I do? (Block / Report)
If it is obvious to judge that someone is doing something wrong to you, you can simply block this user by clicking ‘Block’ in his/her profile. The blocked user will have no way to bother you again. If this matter is serious, please report this user by clicking ‘Report’ in his/her profile, write us in the ‘Support’ tab or email us at support@KorLuv.com.
2. Where are the users I blocked? Is it possible to unblock them? If so, how do I do that?
The blocked users will appear in the ‘My page’ tab where it says ‘Blocked Users’. There’s a button which you can click to unblock them.
3. This user has offensive pictures about me. What should I do?
Please report this user by clicking ‘Report’ in his/her profile, write us in the ‘Support’ tab or email us at support@KorLuv.com
4. I think someone has my pictures. What should I do?
Please, write us in the ‘Support’ tab or email us at support@KorLuv.com including evidential information that will prove the pictures are yours.
Ex) Write your name or account name on a piece of paper and take a picture that shows you and the writing in the paper. Or some new pictures of yourself.
Information on Billing
1. Is it possible to cancel Billing? If so how do I do that?
Unless the billing/payment is charged twice or more at once, unfortunately we’re not able to cancel/refund the amount back to you. There can be too many frauds. For more information, please read our Refund Policy.
Or if your case is “the billing/payment is charged twice or more at once” please write us in the ‘Support’ tab or write us an email at support@KorLuv.com. We’ll take care and get back to you as soon as possible.
2. What shows on my statement?
‘KorLuv’ will show on your Paypal or credit card statement.
3. I paid for a month and it’s not recurring. How do I have a Better Account again?
You can always go to the ‘Better Account’ tab and there you can have the Better Account again.
4. What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
Information on Better Account Features
1. What is free and what’s does a Better Account do?
Everything is free, but there’s a limit to regular members. Such as that a regular member is limited to send 1 message per some minutes as to prevent spamming messages to other users. Better Account users have right to send message with no limits considering that he/she is likely a loyal user and will not spam messages. In addition, Better Account users will not have to see banners or Better Account ads. Visit the ‘Better Account’ page for details.
* Please note that we’ll run free periods without these limits to all newly registered users.
2. I have a Better Account and I’d like to know how I can appear hidden to non-members? And how I can hide/customize my ‘Last Active’ time or status and other things?
If you have a Better Account, go to the ‘Better Account’ tab where you’ll see ‘Control Panel’ instead of purchase page.
3. If I buy a Better Account, do I have a special sign or anything that others will know I have it?
Not at all, the Better Account will only help your wishes goal faster and make you able to privatize your information. This is not meant to reveal yourself or decorate your account.