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Whether you are interested in dating a Korean girl or boy or you simply want to meet new people and make friends, KorLuv is your answer! A new and exciting Korean dating site, where you can talk, play and make new acquaintances at no cost whatsoever! It doesn’t matter if you live in Korea or not, you can easily sign up and join our fantastic Korean social network, thus meeting Korean people in the simplest manner!

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KorLuv is a free Korean dating site. You can read, write, add favorites and show interest at no cost as long as you're a member of our family! But to be completely honest, there can be additionals in the feature only to make your wishes goal faster! We never do phising, scamming or hooking!!!


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They all don't work! It has been proven that the simplest and the best way to do this is just search someone that interests you. Send a message to Korean girl, Korean guy or any! Not only that, but Korean singles now have the chance to meet someone, by having a convenient place to meet, talk and play. Welcome to the best Korean social network, KorLuv!

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Honestly, our site is new so we may not have many members yet. But there is nothing like this site. We have built this site with tremendous efforts to help you get in touch with Korean people. Korean people have an amazing culture and an interesting life style and you can now get in touch with them through KorLuv, make friends and experience their company.

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    willjessica370, 34 South Korea (한국)
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    cyenthagirl, 29 South Korea (한국)
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    pearl227, 36 Virgin Islands (버진아일랜드)
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    TherryFairy, 25 Sweden (스웨덴)
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    jobeauty, 25 South Korea (한국)
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    Pequena89, 29 United States (미국)
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    Taesuk, 46 South Korea (한국)
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    sweetlove100, 34 New Zealand (뉴질랜드)
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    Byul, 23 South Korea (한국)
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    진솔, 22 Tunisia (튀니지)
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    Melli, 43 South Korea (한국)
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    Mint-blend, 30 United States (미국)
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    EXOK, 25 South Korea (한국)
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    Shontaemaiden25, 28 United States (미국)
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    benny229, 31 South Korea (한국)
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    NikkzLeong, 28 Philippines (필리핀)
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    sgtskylar, 29 United States (미국)
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    susan54, 50 United States (미국)
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    JustineAcain, 18 Philippines (필리핀)
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    evi-e-aprilia-9-1389251443, 35 Indonesia (인도네시아)
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    happiness, 24 South Korea (한국)
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    kimmielou, 25 Philippines (필리핀)
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    armhous29, 42 Oman (오만)
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    asli11, 38 Turkey (터키)
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    bangtansarang7, 19 India (인도)
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    Weki, 20 Czech Republic (체코 공화국)
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    Rai, 29 Japan (일본)
  • pic-1
    Desssmithhh, 24 United States (미국)
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    Meggy631, 31 United States (미국)
  • pic-1, 35 Philippines (필리핀)

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